Moment for Mom 
Delivering meals to busy moms in Chicagoland. Made fresh, delivered fresh.

What is Moment for Mom?

If you've been there you know... that moment where you realize that the baby is fed and happy but you are tired and starving! You walk over to the fridge... there's that casserole from last night and not much else.When was the last time you were able to cook or go to the grocery store anyway??

Or you just got home from work and then picked up the kids from soccer and are finally home. It's late. Everyone is hungry. "What's for dinner?!" they demand to know.
That's where Moment for Mom comes in. 

We deliver delicious food to moms (and dads) in Chicagoland. Our meals are: 
  • Made fresh, delivered fresh
  • Menu was developed with a registered dietitian so it's healthy and even perfect for expectant and new moms.
  • We offer options that are easy to eat - while holding a baby or just trying to do more than one thing at once!
  • Not just for dinner - we offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks!

Here's How it Works:

1. Select and purchase your meal package.

Choose from a wide variety of packages, ranging from Dinner and Dessert for 2 to an entire week of meals. No long-term commitment... just find a package that suits your needs!

2. Choose your meals

If it's a gift, we'll send the lucky mom an online form to choose her meals and select her delivery date/time once the order has been received. (That's right - don't worry about what mom likes to eat or when she's free! We have it all covered...)

3. Enjoy your meals!

Or, if it's a gift, enjoy the huge thank you afterward!

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